3 Best-Selling Spicy Sambal Recipes in Indonesia

HealthyCookingHub - 3 Sambal Hot Chili Recipe - Indonesia not only has its natural wealth, but also its culinary creations. Indonesian people's taste buds are different but we can be sure that all tastes of cuisine are here. Each region in Indonesia has its own distinctive cuisine, such as the Yogyakarta region which has a characteristic of more dominating sweetness, and for the Padang region dominates its cuisine with a spicy taste, while for the West Java region dominates its cuisine with a salty taste. So do not be surprised if Indonesia also deserves to be called a country rich in taste. The archipelago cuisine created by Indonesia is very special, especially this country is a country that has become the largest source of spices in the world, so that all the spices in cooking are easily available.

The small thing that characterizes Indonesian people to enjoy their meals is the complement of Sambal. Lots of people really like chili as a friend to eat with fried chicken, vegetables, soup, fried fish, grilled chicken, grilled fish, grilled seafood, fried seafood, etc. Almost 7 out of 10 Indonesian dishes definitely use chili. Therefore do not be surprised if in Indonesia has a variety of different types of chilli sauce.

Various types of sambal available in Indonesia such as Sambal Terasi (cooked & raw), Sambal Tomato (onion & shrimp paste), Sambal Bawang (cooked & raw), Sambal Lombok Ijo (mattang & raw), etc. From the 3rd basic chilli recipe, Spicy Sambal Recipe comes various chilli creations such as green chili anchovies chili, lighter chili sauce, kosek chilli sauce, grilled chilli paste, chicken tomato chilli sauce, etc. How to make various kinds of sauce is very easy and super practical. We from the Eating Zone will present 3 choices of Spicy Sambal Recipes that we consider to be the best-selling and most popular chili sauce for most Indonesian people.

Of the 3 Recipe Spicy Sambal Recipes that we will present include Recipe Spicy Sambal Terasi, Recipe for Tasi Terasi Sambal, and Recipe for Sambal Lombok Ijo. Through these 3 Spicy Sambal Recipes, you chili lovers can complement the delicious side dishes you eat with this chili sauce. In addition, you can also collaborate these 3 Spicy Sambal Recipes with raw materials such as chicken, petai, anchovies, tempeh, tofu into a more delicious processed, for example, become Sambet Lombok Ijo Sambal Chicken Recipe, Lombok Sambal Sambal Anchovy Recipe, Sambal Recipe Spicy Shrimp Paste, Tomato Sauce Pancake Recipe and others.

The advantages of making your own 3 Recipe Spicy Sambal at home, namely first we can find out the quality of ingredients and seasonings and hygiene tools used, secondly how many portions we want can be determined according to their own wishes, the three levels or the level of spicy flavor that we want can be adjusted to our taste. Tips for producing good quality chili sauce, which is to use fresh ingredients instead of those that have rotted, so that it does not make us upset stomach.

3 Recipe Spicy Sambal from the Eating Zone will be presented very practical, so for those of you who do not really like complicated dishes, it is well suited to try these 3 Recipe Spicy Sambal. In addition to the home menu, 3 Recipe Spicy Sambal is also suitable for special recipes for culinary business. 3 Recipe Spicy Sambal is very easy to find in places to eat throughout Indonesia that serves the archipelago cuisine menu. Because it is very identical in Indonesia, the menu of chicken, fish, soup, various fried foods is usually accompanied by sambal. The following are the complete steps from the 3 Best-Selling Spicy Sambal Recipes in Indonesia version healthycookinghub.com

First, Recipe for Sambal Terasi

healthycookinghub - Recipe for Sambal Terasi
Sambal Terasi

Sambal Terasi Recipe Ingredients:

  1. Prepare 3 tomatoes
  2. Prepare 10 cayenne seeds
  3. Prepare 15 red curly chili seeds
  4. Prepare 4 small shrimp paste sachets (if using chopped shrimp paste then, cut into more or less 4 small cubes)
  5. Prepare 5 cloves of shallot
  6. Prepare 3 cloves of garlic
  7. Prepare 1/2 teaspoon salt
  8. Prepare 2 tablespoons of sugar
  9. Prepare enough cooking oil

How to Make Sambal Terasi Recipes :

  1. The first step, peel the onion and garlic, then wash the onion herbs, garlic, tomatoes and chili, then boil until cooked and drain.
  2. The second step, mash all the spices until it is semi-smooth, then heat the oil sufficiently (approximately 10 tablespoons), then pour the sauce into it, stir and add sugar, salt and shrimp paste, stir until the shrimp paste is crushed for about 5 minutes- depending on the amount of fire used, try to use medium heat so that the results do not burn.
  3. After cooked and evenly then pour the sauce into a container or bowl and ready to serve.

Second, Tomato Sambal Recipe

healthycookinghub.com - Tomato Sambal Recipe
Tomato Sambal

Tomato Sambal Recipe Ingredients :

  1. Prepare 5 red chilies
  2. Prepare 10 pieces of cayenne pepper
  3. Prepare 1 small shrimp paste sachet (if using shrimp paste then cut into 1 small cubed shrimp paste)
  4. Prepare 1 medium tomato
  5. Prepare 3 cloves of shallot
  6. Prepare 2 cloves of garlic
  7. Prepare salt and sugar to taste
  8. Prepare enough cooking oil / olive oil

How to make Tomato Sambal Recipe :

  1. The first step, wash the tomatoes, shallots and puth that has been peeled, and chili.
  2. Then divide the tomatoes into 4 parts, cut large red chillies then fry the tomatoes, chilies and all the onions for a little while until half withered. Drain well.
  3. Mash or crush all the ingredients that have been fried, then add salt and sugar and shrimp paste until evenly distributed and slightly smooth.
  4. After that, fry the chili again using just enough oil until the sauce is cooked and smells about 30-60 minutes.
  5. Sambel is ready to be served and enjoyed.

Lombok Ijo Sambal Recipe

healthycookinghub.com - Lombok Ijo Sambal Recipe
Sambal Lombok Ijo

Ingredients Recipe for Sambal Lombok Ijo :

  1. Prepare 1 hump or about 3 cloves of garlic
  2. Prepare 300 grams of large green chili
  3. Prepare 50 grams of green chili (if you want more spicy flavor)
  4. Prepare 2 teaspoons of salt
  5. Prepare 3 teaspoons of sugar
  6. Prepare enough cooking oil

How to make Lombok Green chilli recipe :

  1. The first step is to clean and wash the used onions and chilies thoroughly.
  2. Then mash or crush the garlic, green chili, sugar and salt until smooth or semi-smooth. Fried sauce until it changes color withered and fragrant.
  3. Serve.
Enjoy the deliciousness of 3 Spicy Sambal Recipe above with a variety of special dishes, such as a plate of warm fluffier rice with a tasty soft fried chicken with tempeh and fried tofu and a variety of fresh vegetables and a glass of healthy drinking water. Thus How To Make And 3 Best-selling Spicy Sambal Recipes in our country Indonesia. The amount of chili used can be adjusted to the level of your spicy taste, and remember all dishes that you make yourself better tasted before serving, so that when it tastes less you can add more ingredients that should be added. It's better to make chili sauce by teasing, don't use a blender, because it will produce a different flavor. May be useful.

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