Delicious Healthy Avocado Popsicle Recipe

HealthyCookingHub - Fruit Popsicle Recipe - Still the same as the previous Drink Recipe that brings freshness. Because the weather is hot, so HealthyCookingHub always wants a variety of drinks that are fresh but still healthy. To innovate with a variety of healthy drinks was very easy. Today we made a recipe for Popsicle Fruit and the fruit we use is avocado because by chance there is already an avocado in the kitchen, just looking for other ingredients that can be purchased at a stall near the house.

Fruit Popsicle Recipe is very simple and very suitable to be used as healthy snacks for young children over the age of 1 year to adults. Because the ingredients used in the Fruit Popsicle Recipe are natural ingredients that are safe for daily consumption. As we use the Fruit Popsicle Recipe this time it is an Avocado Fruit, which has a myriad of important benefits for the body. From the various sources we found, inform us that Avocados have a lot of vitamin content in them, including unsaturated fats that can reduce cholesterol and reduce the risk of stroke and heart, protein, low sugar content, vitamins and minerals, and fiber.

The benefits of avocados are huge, consuming them as often as possible can help to nourish our organs so that they are not attacked by unwanted diseases. Avocado Popsicle Recipe that this time we will try also uses other supplementary ingredients that have extra benefits as well, namely honey, milk, and jelly. Additional ingredients that are rich in protein and fiber and vitamins, make us even more eager to make this Alpkat Popsicle Recipe.

It's a weekend, let's invite the little guy to the kitchen, try to make your own Avocado Popsicle Recipe, of course there must be a mother who is hasty. You can buy the ingredients in the Popsicle Recipe at the nearest fruit shop and shop, or the nearest supermarket. The prices of the materials used are also quite affordable. If your child is having difficulty eating fruit, this Fruit Popsicle Recipe can be a unique alternative that can help mothers provide nutritional intake of fruit to the little one.

For sticks that are used, you can use ice cream sticks and large ice molds, or use special Popsicle molds usually already available, you can buy them in plastic shops, cake shops and in tupperware as well, so you don't need to bother buying ice sticks. cream that can only be used once. Immediately, refer carefully to the Delicious Healthy Avocado Popsicle Recipe below.

Healthy Avocado Popsicle Recipe - Fruit Popsicle Recipe
Fruit Popsicle Recipe

Avocado Popsicle Recipe Ingredients:

  • Prepare 1 avocado (take the flesh).
  • Prepare 300 ml of water.
  • Prepare 5 tablespoons of Frisian Flag milk.
  • Prepare 1 tablespoon honey.
  • Prepare 5 grams of gelatin without taste.

How to Make Avocado Popsicle Recipe:

  1. The first step, dissolve 5 tablespoons of Frisian Flag milk with 300 ml of water.
  2. Blend the avocado meat with milk, honey and gelatin evenly.
  3. Next pour the ingredients into the pan.
  4. Cook the mixture until it boils, then pour into a popsicle mold. Let stand until cool, then stick with ice cream sticks.
  5. Store the avojelly loli in the freezer until it freezes.
  6. After chilling, remove the avojelly popsicle mold from the freezer, then place it for a moment on a container of boiled water so that the ice can be removed from the mold.
After the Popsicle is taken from the mold, it must be consumed immediately, otherwise it will melt. If there is still a lot of Popsicle stock, then put it back in the freezer. Popsicles homemade fruit should be consumed before 3 days, although up to a week in the freezer will not mushroom, but in order to maintain the good taste and content in Fruit Popsicles maintained.

You can use a variety of your favorite fruit or your family, so it doesn't have to be an avocado. For other ingredients the same as above. Want to know what creations of Popsicles from us? Continue to follow our recipes at will always present selected recipes. Don't forget to try our previous recipe too, How to Make Fresh Special Ice Es makes you taste delicious.

Thus the way to make and recipe for avocado popsicles is healthy and delicious. Creative dishes and delicious drinks don't have to be complicated and don't have to be expensive. There are thousands of different types of fruit that can be made into a drink or a delicious meal. This Popsicle Fruit Recipe can also be a good business idea. good luck

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