Practical fresh snow Princess ice recipe

HealthyCookingHub - Ice Princess Snow Recipes - SEmua people must have already know what is ice Snow White, a drink made of fruit mixture and combined with syrup and ice cubes are dragged. Resulting in a different flavor of fresh drinks. Ice Princess Snow recipes is very easy to be practiced by anyone including elementary school children, of course if the children have to be with the supervision of parents to avoid the unwanted because it plays in the kitchen.

Fruit commonly used in ice recipes Snow White is fresh fruit such as watermelon, melon, bengkoang, of course the fruit is a fruit that has a lot of water content so it is not surprising if Ice Princess Snow is very fresh. Besides fruit jug there are additional nata de coco so when you enjoy this ice Princess Snow dish will feel the chewy sensation of Nata de Coco Nya. Usually for the sweetener look and the taste is extra syrup, commonly used is a thick red syrup if not the green of the brand is up to you. 

The goodness gained from this snow Princess ice recipe is certainly very much, because the ingredients used are fruits that contain lots of water and nata de coco so it is good for the body to prevent high dehydration, otherwise it is also good for our skin nutrients and Digestion, and many other benefits. Snow White is synonymous with the tenderness and snow that is in cold whites, finally this snow princess recipe also contains a pile of ice that has been gently whipped then poured the syrup according to our tastes or with sweetened condensed milk, so Looks like snow.

This handy snow Princess ice recipe is a must-try and enjoyed for the fast-breaking menu or for fresh-day and evening meals. The ingredients used to make ice snow princess recipes are also easy to get with an affordable price. Tips to make her Agra produce an extraordinary freshness, which is to make sure the fruit used is a fruit that is really fresh/fresh so the quality is still good. 

If you make it in a small portion then we recommend that we buy the material also a little, buy fruit watermelon in the supermarket that has been cut, and for the Nata de coco if you want a small portion of buy packed in the cup. But if you have a freezer, then you want to buy the material in many quantities is also not anything, later the rest of the material you can store in the freezer, the rest of the material can be used at any time, as long as the ingredients are still good for consumption.

Why the Snow Princess ice recipe is better to make it yourself than to buy, because so that we can better know the quality of the materials used especially the quality of the fruit and the sugar, because it is not uncommon to add artificial sweetener so to Anticipate it better to make ice princess snow alone. The dining zone will present the complete process of making snow princess ice recipes for all of you. Please see the following recipes.
Ice Princess Snow Recipes
Ice Princess Snow Recipes

Ice snow Princess Recipe Ingredients:

  • Prepare the fruit Flesh watermelon 1/2 fruit (diced/try to find a watermelon that does not seed)
  • Prepare fruit melon meat 1/2 pieces (diced)
  • Prepare fruit meat in Bengkoang 3 pieces (diced)
  • Prepare Nata de Coco of the dice to taste 
  • Prepare 300 gram granulated sugar (dissolved in warm water)
  • Prepare enough cold water
  • Prepare the red thick syrup sufficiently (color can be adjusted taste)
  • Prepare the shaved ice to taste 

How to make ice snow Princess recipes:

  • First step to make ice Princess snow in advance: Mix the cold water with a sugar solution, stir all ingredients until blended, then pour with red syrup, stir again evenly.
  • Then prepare the bowl of food, fill with watermelon pieces, melons and bengkoang that have been chopped and add nata de coco.
  • Next, place the ice cubes right above them to cover all the contents, then pour the syrup to taste. Serve.
Enjoy ice Princess Snow as soon as possible after being made, so that the ice does not melt. Due to its use of shaved ice so that the ice can melt rapidly. If you want a more legit sweetness then you can also pour the sweetened condensed milk in a shaved ice after flush with the kua syrup. Thus how to make and recipes ice Princess Snow is fresh and practical. In addition to personal consumption, you can also make this ice Princess snow recipe as one of the menu for your culinary business and can also be a dish in the moment of Natal or just a big family gathering.

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