Recipe for Making Delicious Black Coffee

HealthyCookingHub - Recipe for Making Black Coffee - Black Coffee is coffee beans that are taken into a dried coffee bean and then processed through several stages until finally becoming a cup of warm coffee. Coffee Beans have extraordinary advantages when it has been transformed into a cup of drink.

In addition to providing pleasure it also provides great benefits for the body that can increase stamina. The content of Black Coffee can also make us become resistant to literacy or insomnia, making it suitable for siminum after breakfast before we do a solid activity. Also suitable for those of you who are chased deadlines and have to stay up late, but for this reason it's better not to be done too often because not sleeping at night can endanger health.

When seen in plain view, How to Make Black Coffee is very easy, but if it is felt carefully and understood it actually turns out that a delicious and quality Cup of Black Coffee is very difficult and not cheap. So do not be surprised if a coffee shop that serves a large selection of coffee sometimes fixes very expensive prices because the ingredients and tools used are of different quality from the ingredients and tools we use at home.

Not all people who like coffee and always make their own Black Coffee at home can produce a delicious Black Coffee taste. Making a delicious cup of black coffee has important steps that greatly affect the taste of the coffee. For coffee lovers must know the secret of Making delicious Black Coffee.

We will share tips and tricks on How to Make delicious Black Coffee in full with clear stages only at Make sure you look carefully at the recipe for making this very special black coffee. Here are the steps and the complete recipe. - Recipe for Making Black Coffee
Recipe for Making Black Coffee

Stages - Stages to Make Black Coffee:

  1. Water quality for brewing coffee must be considered. If you use tap water it should be filtered first. Then pay attention to the temperature during the process of boiling water. Ideally, it should not boil if it uses a coffeemaker.
  2. We recommend buying coffee beans that have not been ground because it will get more delicious taste. If you buy coffee that has been ground, it will lose its taste and freshness. Then brew coffee on the coffee maker or directly in a cup or mug as collapsed coffee.
  3. If you want the bitter taste in the coffee to disappear, sprinkle a little salt on the cup to give your coffee a better taste. Serve and enjoy coffee while warm so you don't lose the taste and aroma.
  4. Do not store coffee in the freezer or refrigerator, but keep it at room temperature. The taste of coffee is also determined by the storage. Room temperature can make coffee taste good and coffee can last for a week or more.
  5. After boiling the water, let it sit for 30 seconds before adding or mixing it with coffee.

Ingredients Making Black Coffee:

  1. Black coffee powder to taste in accordance with the desired thickness we recommend 1 Tbsp
  2. Sugar according to taste
  3. Chocolate Powder 1/2 tsp

How to Make Black Coffee:

  1. Heat two cups of water over medium heat, not too small and not too big.
  2. If the water is hot or almost cooked, put the black coffee powder into the water then stir until the water boils then enter the cocoa powder.
  3. Prepare a coffee filter from a soft cloth, and two medium mugs.
  4. Pour the hot black coffee into one of the mugs and then start filtering the black coffee into another mug. Lift the mug up high when filtering and do it several times until the black coffee sprays out.
  5. Prepare a cup with sugar then strain again one last time into the prepared sugar cup. Decorate Coffee with a grande as you like. The taste will differ depending on the coffee powder you use.
Serve and enjoy a cup of delicious Black Coffee while hot accompanied by a variety of delicious snacks such as spicy peanuts, dried cheese, churros, macaroon and various other snacks. Thus How to Make and Recipe for Making Special Black Coffee deliciously. The Black Coffee that we make is almost like Espresso because we make it with other ingredients, namely chocolate to produce a more tantalizing color and special taste and texture. Chocolate ingredients can be replaced by creamer to produce foam to be decorated with grandes so that the look is more funny and unique and tastes more special.
Untuk mendapatkan rasa kopi yang enak dan harum proses pembuatanya tidak sekedar menuangkan air panas ke cangkir yang berisi kopi bubuk. Kita perlu memperhatikan tahapan-tahapan yang penting agar menghasilkan kopi yang nikmat. Berikut ini merupakan tahapan dan cara membuat kopi yang nikmat dan harum.

Tahap 1
Dalam pembuatan kopi yang nikmat, air yang digunakan untuk membuat kopi sangat berpengaruh terhadap cita rasa kopi yang dihasilkan. Jika anda memilih menggunakan air keran sebaiknya disaring terlebih dahulu atau diamkan dalam teko agar kotorannya mengendap. Selain itu perhatikan suhu air, pada saat perebusan air sebaiknya jangan sampai air mendidih bergolak jika menggunakan coffeemaker.

Tahap 2
Setelah air selesai direbus, diamkan terlebih dahulu selama 30 detik sebelum menambahkan kopi.

Tahap 3
Disarankan untuk membeli biji kopi yang belum digiling karena akan mendapatkan rasa yang lebih nikmat. Selain itu kita juga bisa menentukan sendiri kehalusan kopi yang kita giling.
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