Special Crispy Fried Pastel Recipe

Healthycookinghub.com - Fried Pastel Recipe - Culinary recipes are endless, this time the dining zone will present a recipe which is one of the archipelago recipes. The recipe is a Special Crispy Fried Pastel Recipe. Pastel is one of the processed pastry that has a variety of vegetables, eggs, and chicken. The taste of this Fried Pastel is very tasty and very delicious. How to Make Pastels is very easy but requires patience and tricks so that the results are satisfying. The level of difficulty when making Fried Pastels is when making pastel skin.

Making Pastel Skin for crisp results requires the right tricks and tips. How to Make Crispy Pastel Skin, i.e. first make sure the ingredients are used with the right portion or dosage, don't use the wrong flour because the right thing is to use wheat flour. try to roll the dough as thin as possible. The results of these tips and tricks will not disappoint you to make it yourself at home, because it is definitely the result will be crispy dry instead of mushy dry.

Then in the Pastry Cake there is content, usually in general the contents of the Pastry Cake are chunks of beans, carrots, potatoes, boiled eggs, and ground chicken, and vermicelli. But if you want a different filling then you can create it as desired, for example the contents of corn, peas, ground beef, etc. according to your taste. If you want the contents to taste, we suggest making sure to use food ingredients that are just right to be made as to the contents in Pastel Cake. In addition you can also adjust the contents of the Pastry Cake to the tastes of your child or family.

The advantage of making your own Pastry Cake at home is that you can adjust the taste of the contents of the Pastry Cake, you can find out the level of hygiene in the food, besides that you can save because making your own Pastel at home is very cheap and the results are also a lot especially if the pastry results homemade food will be served for a social gathering or other large events, definitely feels really cheap. The ingredients used to make Pastels can be found in stalls, markets, supermarkets, mini markets closest to where you live, the prices of the ingredients used are also very affordable, and the tools used are also very simple.

If you can make it yourself, why should you buy it? Fried Pastel Recipe with flattening results such as food to buy will be presented and peeled completely in zonamakan.blogspot.com which always presents a variety of practical, healthy, tasty, and contemporary recipes. Fried Pastel Recipe that will be made in the food zone version will use standard filling in general, namely pieces of potato, carrots, eggs, and ground chicken. Here's the complete way in the Special Crispy Fried Pastel Recipe by zone healthycookinghub.com.

Fried Pastel Recipe
Fried Pastel Recipe

Fried Pastel Recipe Skin Ingredients:

    • Use 250 grams of protein flour
    • Use 1 egg
    • Use 3 tablespoons margarine
    • Use 100 CC of warm water
    • Use salt to taste
    • Use enough cooking oil (for frying when the skin of the Pastel has been filled and shaped)

    Ingredients and Pastry Recipe Contents Ingredients:

        • Use 7 cloves of onion, puree
        • Use 6 cloves of garlic, puree
        • Use 500 grams of ground chicken
        • Use 75 grams of carrots, cut into small cubes or squares
        • Use 200-gram vermicelli, boil until cooked then drain
        • Use 3/4 teaspoon salt
        • Use 1/4 teaspoon ground pepper or enough
        • Use 1/2 teaspoon sugar or to taste
        • Use 100 CC of liquid milk
        • Use 2 potatoes or to taste (small cubed)
        • Use 2 tablespoons of margarine, to taste (for sauteing)
        • Use three eggs boiled eggs (cut into 8 pieces or according to taste)

        How to Make Crispy Fried Pastel Recipes:

          1. The first step is to make Pastel skin: put flour in a container and put salt, 1 egg that has been beaten, margarine stir until evenly distributed. Then add water little by a little while stirring. Make the dough and knead until the dough feels smooth or not sticky in the hands. Put the dough in a flat place and have been spiked with flour so it is not sticky, then roll the dough until thin using a wood grinder, try the dough as thin as possible but not broken or perforated. Then make a leather mold in the same shape and size. If we make square-sized leather. Set aside
          2. How to make the filling: saute margarine, add garlic and onion spices that have been mashed. Then add the carrot pieces, potatoes, chicken, cook until wilting stir. Add salt, pepper and sugar. also, add vermicelli that is ripe. Taste the filling mixture and add flavor if something is missing. Drain to cool at room temperature (not smoky)
          3. Then after the filling is not so hot, make a pastel mixture from the skin and add the stir-fried stuffing and the boiled egg slices to the pastel skin, then shape to the pastel shape (if available, use pastel-forming molds, usually sold in kitchenware stores).
          4. Repeat process no. 3 until the skin mixture and pastel contents run out.
          5. After all, is done, fry the pastel with oil (try to oil a lot) so that the pastel can be submerged. Use medium heat so that the Pastel doesn't burn.
          6. Fry the Pastel until it turns brownish yellow, and remove it when it's cooked.

          Serve the Fried Pastel with chili sauce or mayonnaise to taste more delicious. Thus How to Make and Crispy Pastel Recipes that are crispy and very special. You can present your Fried Pastel Recipe for leisure events, school supplies or to the office, social gathering, snacks for various official events, even suitable for your culinary business. Make your Fried Pastel Recipe as special as possible so that your child likes to eat at home.

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